Emergency Glass Repairs

Burglar Resistant Glass
Burglar Resistant Glass is Laminated Glass with a tougher inner layer to prevent access using bricks, sledge hammers and axes but retaining clear glass qualities.
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights

DécorPatterned Glass
A pattern is embossed into the glass at the semi molten stage. One side remains smooth and a square wire mesh can also be added at this time.

Décor patterned glass comes in a wide variety of patterns and samples are available for inspection at our office at 3 Staite Street Wingfield.
USES: Windows, Shower Screens, Partitions, Table Tops, Cupboard Doors, Bathroom Windows.

Double Glazing/Insulating Glass Units
Enhance the thermal properties of your home with double glazed windows and doors to insulate your home against heat loss in winter or heat gain in summer.

Noise reduction can also be achieved by installing double glazing.

Two or more panels of glass are bonded to a perimeter spacer with either air or argon gas filling the space between the panes. Most types of glass can be used in an insulating glass unit.

Insulation and solar control are the benefits of Insulating glass units.

Hartley Glass has an array of glass types with different thermal properties.
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights

Fire Resistant Glass
There are two types of transparent fire resisting glass.

Integrity glass prevents the intrusion of fire.

Integrity and insulation glass prevents the intrusion of fire and the transmission of heat. It is often utilised in fire exits and uses multi layers of glass and an expanding heat insulating material.

Our consultants can advise you dependent upon the district where your premises is located.
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights - See also Toughened Safety Glass

Float Glass
Molten glass flows from the furnace over a bed of molten tin. It is cooled to anneal the glass enabling it to be cut and maximizing its potential mechanical resistance.

It is available in clear, toned, high performance toned and ultra clear low iron glass.

Float Glass can be tinted in grey or bronze.
USES: Windows, Shelving, Tables, Counter tops.

High Performance Glass
Energy efficient with thermal properties to cope with Australia’s climate

Retains heat indoors in winter – normal glass can lose up to 49% of your heating

Prevents heat absorption in summer – normal glass can account for up to 87% of heat gain - reduce energy costs

Existing windows may have solar Tinted Film applied or be replaced with Tinted Glass or Double Glazing
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights

Laminated Safety Glass
Laminated Glass provides resistance to acts of vandalism and explosions by bonding two panels of glass with an interlayer or resin which holds the glass together. This process can be used on almost all types of glass. Laminated safety glass can be cut and subjected to other processes such as tinting and reflective coating.
USES: Windows, Doors, Shelving, Noise reduction, UV limiting, Burglary resistant, Energy efficient, Internal/External Partitions, Shop Fronts.

Tinted Glass
Absorbs radiation and reduces heat absorption by deflecting the sun’s rays.

All tint colours, Grey and Bronze, provide similar solar performance.

Existing windows may have solar Tinted Film applied or be replaced with High Performance Glass or Double Glazing
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights

Tinted Film
Tinted Film is tinted plastic with adhesive on one side to adhere to glass and is a great way to reduce the glare of the sun without replacing existing glass.
USES: Windows, Doors, Skylights

Toughened Laminated Glass
The pinnacle in safety glass, each panel of glass is toughened resulting in greater structural strength than annealed glass. After bonding the toughened panels together with PVB or Resin layer the glass then has another safety feature of staying together if broken.
USES: Industrial, Flooring, Roofing

Toughened Safety Glass
Fully toughened glass is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary glass.

Float or DecorPatterned glass is heated then rapidly cooled to achieve high compressive stresses. Toughened safety glass cannot be cut and forms small granules if broken.
USES: Windows, Shower Screens, Furniture, Sky lights, Shelving, Counter tops, Tables, Oven doors

Translucent Glass
Translucent Glass is a laminated glass that has a milky appearance to let in light but reduce visibility and create privacy.
USES: Privacy Screens, Windows, Doors - internal and external, Balustrading, Pool fencing (Harkk system only), Table and desk tops, Cupboards